New CANNILLO EP coming soon! 

Hey All!

We have been working hard on a new project.  CANNILLO is launching late winter/early Spring.  Keep an eye out!

Hey, it's been awhile! 

Hi All,

   Just wanted to say hi.  I recently did a show with the Butterfield Blues Band.  Gaberiel, son of Paul Butterfield, is keeping his Dad's music alive.  He put together a great band including Rob Paprozzi ( Randy Newman, Blues Bros, Blood Sweat and Tears) Bruce Katz ( Gregg Allman and more)

     I am doing a BARN CONCERT in Warwick, NY in September, always fun.  If you live in that region, please check it out.  

     I am writing some new tunes and I hope to have an EP and some videos out soon.  

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Private concert in your home? 

The last time you hosted an event at your home, did you ever want to WOW your guests with a unique experience? How about your own private concert right in your living room or lawn? House Concerts very been very popular on the west coast for quite sometime now and this intimate music experience has made it's way east. Here's how it works...You invite some friends who enjoy music to your home for a dinner, pot luck supper, wine and cheese, lite hors d'oeuvres, or perhaps dessert and coffee. After you have…

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Enjoy music 

Summer is in full swing and there is so much great music out there.   Festivals, small, large, free, expensive, rock, blues, jazz, hip hop,  varied in so many  ways.  Get out there, enjoy an art form that happens before your eyes and something you experience with the artists that are performing it and with friends you share it with.  Bring your tailgate food, wine, cheese, bologna, whatever....have a great time!

Making Music with friends 

Making music with your friends, what a great thing.  Do it, try it, don't be afraid.  Bring your guitar, grab your harmonica, dust off your banjo, sing from your heart, it does not matter how good or bad you are.   There is something unique about the experience.  It will make your heart happy.


Do you own a guitar and never use it? Let me show you a few chords and simple techniques to get you playing and singing some of your favorite tunes! I don't charge a lot, just love to see people enjoying music. Give me a shout and we'll get things going.